18 September 2011

DaveL, Brooke, and Kat

Photographer Dave Levingston with Art Model Brooke Lynne
Copyright Dave Levingston
Sometimes you gotta think hard about finding something to write about. I don't want to keep my fans, followers, and subscribers waiting too long between posts, so I need to put something out. With the exception of this past week, I hadn't shot much of anything, but it hasn't been slow by any means. I've just had to concentrate on my photography in areas other than shooting. Some good things have transpired and I've been blessed beyond my deservings. New ideas and concepts have launched me in additional paths that have required more time researching, studying, and getting consultation help. The car's been rolling fairly well and seems to have recovered from the August Colorado episodes, (thanks to Art!). I just got my desktop back after two weeks to functioning correctly. There's also been the continued challenges with the VA, which seems ongoing and never ending. I just got to see an MRI of my knee and as you go down layer by layer, the end of my femur starts to resemble a spork! I knew I had to shut down the hiking and running for a while a few months back and now I know why.

Art Model, Brooke Lynne,  Copyright Sanders McNew 

Art Model, Brooke Lynne,  Copyright Risen Phoenix
Had my first chiropractic visit this past week. Freaky! I didn't know what I was in store for, but the guy has me in a very relaxed state with my head in his hands, standing behind me. I thought he was just feeling my neck for irregularities, and SNAP-CRACKLE-POP was the sound that emanated from my head and resounded in my ears. I became immediately alarmed and it took some time for him to calm me back down so he could do the same thing the other way. I liked the electric therapy treatment for my lower back, but the neck-popping thing scared the hell out of me. Normally when you hear someone's neck pop like that in the movies, its over.

Art Model Kat, Copyright Jonathan Kane

Art Model Kat, Copyright Katherine Villari
So anyway, I (need to) wanna get back to shooting some nudes. I hadn't done that since July, so its high time somebody got naked. Dave Levingston [ website & blog ] should be here early October. I can't wait for that long, but it'll be my first time getting to meet the acclaimed photog, though we've emailed back and forth, commented on each other's blog, and even talked on the phone. The guy's a master at what he does, which is shooting nudes, and that earns my highest respect. And he's on a friggin' road trip with two models!!! Art Nude Models, Brook Lynne and Kat will be traveling with him and Vegas will be but one stop and I'm stoked that they are coming out this way. Kat is new to me, but when you check out her port, you'll want her to be new to you as well, and in your portfolio. This girl is not just a model, but she also shoots AND she's a writer! I will personally hold it against you if you haven't already clicked over on her link. If you want to be on my good side, you'll also check out [ Kat's website,  as well as this one]. Just saying...My good side is not a bad place to be.

And who doesn't already know the highly prolific model, Brook Lynne and seen [ Brooke's website ]? I might actually hold it against you if you HAVEN'T already seen her website, but might forgive you if you check it out now. That girl is just plain gorgeous, a dedicated artist, and a credit to her trade.

So you might want to see if you can book these highly-recommended models while they are in town. You won't get a shot like this too often, so take advantage now. Its gonna be cool to get to work with Big Papi, Dave Levingston! THIS is who I wanna be when I grow up. Either him, or the Dos Equis Guy. Its kind of a toss up...

06 September 2011

Between Labor Day and Halloween

Summer is starting to draw to a close and before you know it, you're going to be surprised that Christmas is just around the corner. September and October usually blur past for me. The time between Labor Day and Halloween is often fast-forwarded before I realize I'm staring down the throat of November and the year's end. Often times, its at this point that I'm looking back over the year trying to figure out what I've done and evaluating my life for the year. Did I do what I set out to do? Am I further along now than this time last year? What's around the corner for me in the upcoming year? And finally, what am I doing for New Year's?

Model Melissa
So am I alone here or what? I'm guessing I'm not that unique in this regard. So here is my challenge to myself and I'd like to extend that same out to you. Instead of letting September and October blow by, let's slow it down a bit. Let's ask of ourselves all those November questions NOW and then actually answer them AND address them. If we haven't met our goals, why not and what can be done in these two months to meet them? I'm willing to bet that a lot can be done in these two months if we stop with the distractions and just get to work for a bit. And another trick I'll throw at you, how about getting Christmas shopping out of the way early? Like, NOW! Make the holidays easier for yourself. Get to work for the next 60 days with some measurable progress along with some early holiday prep. This way you coast into the season feeling better about entering the new year AND you feel better about yourself having accomplished what it was you set out to do in 2011.

Model Melissa
I mean, its just an idea. For myself, I know I could use a diversion and some better focus for my stress. August was kind of a ball-buster. Between my car issues (which seem to be better, by the way) and now computer issues... I'm going nuts. Most times my computer is working well, but as soon as I get really deep into something, it starts freezing up and I get a "display driver has stopped responding but has recovered" error message and its kicking my ass. I've updated chipset and display drivers, ran registry cleaners and virus scans, a system restore, and installed a new graphics card. I've checked the web and see many people in forums having the same issue, but no one solution seems to solve it. I'm really hoping I don't have to do a complete system dump and re-install windows. If anybody's got some solutions, I'm running an Intel Core 2 Quad processor on a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system, 8GBs of RAM, with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX250 graphics card pushing a 25" monitor that I've had for almost 9 months now. So any help would be appreciated.

But back to my point.. I'm just telling you how I plan to spend the next two months. I have a few things in play that I hope will take me where I want to go and get me what I need, but its going to take a little hustle, some studying, some prayer, and a lot of reading/researching. All focused on answering those aforementioned questions. My goal is to learn, learn, learn...make connections and figure some things out. You might need to try to inspire yourself to spark some motivation to get going. Whatever you gotta do, make it happen. I'm on a mission. I hope you can be with me on this.

On another note, I'll be having breakfast with good friend Dave Rudin in a few days and this time my Vegas-bud and fellow photog, Dave Proctor will be joining us. Next month, I finally get to meet, your fave and mine,  Dave Levingston! Everybody knows DaveL, so I'm excited about that. The dude's a legend in nude photo art. Enjoy these shots of Model Melissa! And be sure to check out her Blog, CLOTHING OPTIONAL!