About Me

Hi, I'm Terrell and I am an artistic and documentive photographer, specializing in Portraiture, Commercial, and Fine Art work, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I also teach a one or two-week long, comprehensive and hands on 1-on-1 Photography course, conduct Photo Tours, as well as do consultant work for businesses.

As an Army Veteran, the mechanics of firing a weapon and a camera are essentially the same, so I naturally took to it. For the purposes of this blog, the majority of my work here consists of artistic nudes.  I photograph what I like and quite frankly, there is nothing more beautiful than the female form.  There is not a sunset that has existed, nor a flower to bloom that can hold a candle to God's creation of woman.  I call myself a life-documentarist. Its life that I love to shoot most of all, including birth, death, and everything in between. If you have a special project in mind for me to shoot, ask me about my commission work.

If I'm not shooting, editing, or educating, then I'm learning something else about my trade...EVERY DAY! The absolute best way to CONTACT ME is via email and I can be reached at PhotoAnthems (AT) Gmail (DOT) com.

Five Facts About Me:
1. I used to be a pro model, as well as an art nude model for local universities and art organizations.
2. I spent 10 years in the Army serving in Germany, Korea, and two tours with the 101st Airborne. "Rangers Lead the Way!"
3. I've got two Master degrees...a MBA and a MS in Telecommunications.
4. I'm an avid Bible scholar, especially concerning Eschatology.
5. I'm a country boy from Texas, so I love the outdoors. If you can't reach me, chances are it because there's no signal where I am! I'll get an assistant before long to take calls and bookings, but until then, email me.  BTW, Going on a Safari...big vacation? Need a shooter...?

Okay a couple more...
I'm constantly reading....love hippies...now have 2 grandkids  ...might welcome a good fight...like to eat Italian and Mediterranean. Oh, and I love movies.