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This blog used to be called Terrell Neasley Artistic Photo Blog. As you can see in the description in the blog heading, this blog is meant to supplement by website, PhotoAnthems.com. Its a little different from the website in the sense that this blog is more personal to me than it is professional, but I do showcase images and update you with information concerning my travels, adventures, and will educate you on a thing or two. The blog centers primarily around my artistic nude and travel work. Feel free to contact me for commission work. I enjoy sharing my writings with you and have tailored my content and format to be easy on the eyes, easy to navigate, and interesting to read, I hope.  Take some time to review some of the links to other blogs of interest. Many of these are sites of my friends or people that I think can help benefit my readers. Also along the right column are resource sections for photographers and models. Models, in particular, should take heed to the modeling concern links I've provided. If you like my content, then by all means click the FOLLOW ME button or subscribe to my blog. Most do so by email. You can also find me at @PhotoAnthems on Twitter and Instagram! So be sure to follow me there. If you REALLY like what I do, then by all means, feel free to send a donation. I'm able to take credit cards!

At any rate, thank you for your visit.

My Website - Photo Anthems.com

My website, on the other had is of a professional orientation. So while I still have some nudes on it, they have been minimized in one gallery, "Fine Art 18+". There are other galleries showcasing my art and client work. My primary focus as a professional is to take on projects that are more documentary or artistic in nature as well as commercial client work. If you see something in my galleries that you would like on your walls, I can most likely accommodate that. I do large prints. The smallest would be in the 16x20 range. Much of my work gets printed on metal, canvas, or something even more permanent such as prints under an acrylic finish. I print for presentation and its meant to hang on your walls.

But by all means, contact me for more traditional work, studio or on-location. My specialties are more on-location or even in your home. (Love the home work!). I'm pretty much an artist first. That's the style I shoot. I'd love to talk to you about a project. Feel free to contact me for questions.