23 October 2011

Get Well Soon Faerie!

I think I may have mentioned earlier this Summer that you were going to get to see Faerie again. Well, it didn't happen, but we're working on it again. Initially she left town for a little while gallivanting all over the country. Can't hate...only envy. But she back now, and we're trying to put get to shoot again, but now I just have wait til she's feeling well enough to shoot again. You might think that all she'd have to do is just sit and look pretty, but Faerie tends to put a little more into a shoot than that. That woman can naturally bend and contort that make you have to stop and look over the top of your camera to make sure you're seeing things right through the viewfinder. She's definitely a pleasure to work with and lends some excellent talent ideas to a shoot. 

But I think its been about TWO years since I've worked with her! She was one of my first models after arriving in Vegas that would shoot on a whim. In fact, I am certain I recall her once calling ME up telling me to come over and lets shoot. What can you do but grab your camera and walk your ass out the door and go shoot. She and her whole family have been the best people you'd want to know...great kids and a really cool husband that can grill a mean steak. In fact, that just reminds me of why I was doing this post to begin with. I was telling another model just last night about Faerie and her hubby's steaks, when it came to mind that one thing about Faerie that I really appreciate (I mean, other than the fact that I get to photograph her naked...) is the simple fact that she always remembers how I take my coffee. I never have to add anything after she makes me a cup. Sometimes its just those little things that make the difference. 

Now she'll be all good to go in a little while, so I don't suspect you'll have to wait too long. But I'm oddly enough finding myself slightly creatively challenged on what I think I'd like to do with her. (If only all my problems were so nice...right?) We've done a lot of things together already, and I feel like I want something uniquely new with Faerie and I just hadn't quite put my finger on it just yet. My initial idea this Summer was going to be my Nude Ball of Light gig, but she wasn't available and I had to go with another model. So I'm trying to find the next great concept that fits Faerie like a glove. Granted, I'm going to run this past her for some ideas, as well. Public nudes are out. She doesn't need that sort of heat. Pregnancy nudes are out. They're already waiting on the youngest to finish school and move out, so I know she won't ask the hubby to make another kid just for me to do a photo project. What else...?

She's way too young for my mature model project. Erotica? I'm still experimenting with that. Or how something in water. Actually, I've just done that. Nah, I think its gotta be something original maybe in some unique location, that's at least unique to me. Its either that or I'll start out with a simple, no-concept shoot and make it as easy as 1. Get naked, 2. Take pictures, 3. Repeat as necessary. It almost never fails that I come up with something more tailored to a particular model after I do a simple shoot with her. The mind just gets to rolling after you burn off a few rounds through the shutter.

So get well soon, Faerie. Take your time. I'll have something fun to do and we'll make some great pics again.

07 October 2011

DaveL, Brooke, and Kat... Part Deux

Photographer Extraordinaire, Dave Levingston

Okay. You got me on this one. I promise I won't go this long without a post. That's about 3 weeks since my last musings and I don't really want that. So what I have planned are more model/artist interviews. Upcoming will be Q&A time for Selena Bree, Brooke and Kat, and local artist Joseph Watson. You're going to really love Joe's work. In fact, let me just give you a preview of some of it with this link.

BUT, Back to the point of fact:

"The Road Warriors"
Very interesting evening! I say interesting because I got to finally meet some of my favorite people, but nothing quite worked out as planned. When does it ever, though? Dave Levingston, Brooke Lynn, and Kat finally arrived to Vegas after almost 3 weeks on the road!! What didn't quite work out is some of the events they had planned when they got here. Yeah, Dave hit a dear back in Nebraska. That slowed things up a bit. The muffler ended up coming off. That slowed things up a bit more. Fortunately, he was able to get it fixed because Vegas is not the end destination for these guys. They've still got a long way to go and THEN they gotta head back. A mode of transportation in good working order facilitates that objective rather well. So needless to say, we didn't get to spend much time together, much less shoot! By the time things calmed down for them, my schedule picked up to where the last two days they were here, I was pretty much unavailable.

Until, that is...the Party!

So we finally meet! It was cool to get to see them all and I got introduced to another top notch model whose actually a local model. Any of you ever work with Jolene Hexx? Well, get on that. Jolene was supposed to shoot with DaveL Wednesday morning, but since the new priority became fixing the muffler issue, that got held up. Jolene being the super-duper trooper that she is, was totally understandable and sympathetic to their plight. She stopped by to visit for the party and the girl was the baddest thing walking on two legs in the entire hotel. I loved her dress. I'm saying stunning, as if to not use the word too loosely. You're literally left stunned at that initial glance. Everybody else was way more casual, but I'm glad Jolene didn't get the word on that.

Terrell, Brooke Lynne, Jolene Hexx, Kat, Dave Levingston

And getting to meet two other famous art models was quite a grand treat in itself. Kat and Brooke are some of the nicest people you'll meet. I can tell you from my personal experience, that they don't let their celebrity status go to their heads. These are really down to earth girls when you meet them and not intimidating in even the slightest sense. Modeling is in their blood though. I didn't bring my serious gear, but I do have a handy-dandy S-95. So even with this point and shoot, the mere fact that a lens is pointed in her general direction cause Kat to immediately focus in on the barrel of my camera and instinctively morph into, not anything that was overly dramatic, but in fact it was the most subtlest of gestures...an elbow to the table; a hand under the chin.  And a gaze that reminded you of a cold drink with a twist of lemon in it. *SNAP* ...and the moment was gone.

DaveL and Art Model, Jolene Hexx
Brooke was no different. Though more known for poses sans any articles of clothing, she sat comfortably, albeit, I dare say swaddled in the sweater she was wearing. This wasn't like any Wal-Mart sweater. It had no bearings of anything you get for Christmas from your Aunt Thelma who incorrectly flaunts herself as a  fashionista. No this was style. And when I say style...I'm dragging out the "Y" for added effect. The sweater seemed to be tailored for her except for in the sleeves, as was able to easily tuck in her hands. As I said, she was swaddled in this sweater. It was adorable. I should not have passed up the opportunity to tell her so, myself. Every woman appreciates a compliment on her wear. [My mistake.] With Brooke, there was no pose to assume. She was just already there. You can photograph this woman from any angle at any time, with clothes on or off and its like something that was just supposed to happen. All you have to do is just get the shot. Is it in focus? Chances are its a good shot.

Art Model, Kat
And the grandest moment... Dave. Mr. Modest Levingston, himself. The man was the perfect host. He could have easily sent one of the girls down to retrieve me, but he came down himself to get me from the lobby. He served me beer and pizza. Which reminds me, I need to ask him where it came from. It was damn good. We got to swap stories all night and regale the ladies of military adventures, which I am certain they enjoyed! I can see why Dave Rudin appreciates Dave Levingston so much. DaveL is the man. Simple as that. I've joked that I want to be like him when I grow up, but even in jest, I am every quite serious. The dude is road-tripping a thousand miles with the company to two of the hottest and most respected mods in the business. So I ask you... Have you done this recently? Would you like to? I rest my case.

Art Model, Brooke Lynne
I know Dave might think I have a propensity to embellish a bit. Okay, maybe. But ask me about any specific element of my tale and inquire as to its validity. I will affirm every word of it. My thing is that I want to make sure I let those whom I appreciate know this very fact. I applaud their life's work in a field that's relatively not well-understood and sometimes not well-received. I admire the commitment and dedication to a form of art that has been in existence since charcoal drawings were first done on cave walls. They do it with class and distinction. And you should honor their efforts too. Ovations...