31 July 2010

Stephen Haynes is Back...Telling the Truth

"No matter how bad things get, you got to go on living, even if it kills you." - Sholom Aleichem

Back when I had an office last year

This won't be a long post, and indeed, I had intended to blog about another matter. That can wait I guess. I think I'd much rather give you an update to the new/updated blog authored by Stephen Haynes, "Truth and Justice for All". I've already touted Mr. Haynes as the quintessential "Go-To" guy concerning the issues related to legal matters of photography, especially regarding 2257. So I wanted to make a special blog post to acknowledge the change in his blog from his Magic Flute Blog to this new one. Why the change? Well Stephen can best tell you about it on his "Disappeared by Google" menu tab. Suffice to say, the man is pissed with Google and he want to take more control over his blog content.

Taken by Model, Joanie...oh yeah, she's a photog, too.
Don't be scared...my face doesn't stay like this.

I most certainly invite you to visit his blog and familiarize yourself with the new layout. One thing in particular that I found intriguing is his menu option for Index to Key Posts. Initially, I thought it was probably a list of his most popular posts, but not at all. I found this to be a vital resource of organized informative articles  arranged by category. Wanna see his posts about 2257? Direct links are there. Are you being persecuted and harassed for your photography by the "Man"? Check out his War on Photography category. Have concerns about doing street photography? Its there.

Magic Shave depilatory cream. Its how the brotha's sometimes shave. TMI?

Simply put, there is a plethora of information...valuable information regarding your rights as a photographer. The man is a retired attorney and writes with a skilled hand. He knows the legal ends and outs dealing with what's important to you because he's also a widely acclaimed photographer. Oh...my bad. Yeah, that's the other reason to check him out. The guy's got some of the most incredible nudes that you'll want to see. I've updated my link to his blog, so be sure you do the same. He still has his main website showcasing his site, Magic Flute Fine Art Photography. So I fully recommend reviewing his work. I've made this post not so much to promote him...that's secondary, but rather to help you with information you can benefit from. Take advantage.

Bathroom mirror inside City Center, Las Vegas


I have been searching through my photo archives for the past 2 weeks looking for a few photos from a year or so ago, that I cannot seem to find. I did however come across several shots that I took, but never did anything with, as well as some that I edited, but subsequently forgot about. Most of these were misplaced because they were left on my CF card when I started shooting another project and which then got loaded up with that project in the same folder. So these are the shots you're viewing now. Of all these, I decided to portray the many faces of Terrell.

Me so scruffy

True story...

I was in Wal-Mart earlier this week getting a few much needed food supplies. As I turned down the soup isle, there was an elderly couple midway down and I witnessed the man kissing the woman on the neck. As I got closer, I heard the woman ask him, "So which one do you want?"...referring to the selections of soup brands. About that time I was right behind the man and as he embraced her shoulders, he replied to her, "Sweetheart, all I want is you...". It was such an endearing statement, I couldn't help myself and said, "Awww, How PRECIOUS!". To which the man jumped around, startled at first, then breathed a sigh of relief and said, "WHEW! I though you were her husband!"

First year in the Army 1988, Germany

26 July 2010

1969 Film, "Age of Consent"

"Wrath of God"

"I think we're going to the moon because it's in the nature of the human being to face challenges. It's by the nature of his deep inner soul... we're required to do these things just as salmon swim upstream."
~ Neil Armstrong

Taking a break from the nudes for a spell. Thought I'd post some other work I got to play with the other night. Friends, Joanie, Darryl, and I went out for a night shoot, back out to the dry lake bed. I really didn't feel like going but since Joanie and Darryl had to pass by my place to get there, she decided to just pick me up. I hadn't been out of the house in a while or away from editing photos for quite some time, so I figured, oh well. Joanie had her son with her and the two of them had been shooting for the better part of the day already. As it turns out, the kid's got some skills slingin' lenses around and he learns quick. The two of them were doing their own thing while I played around with a couple of Darryl's lenses to play with the moon.

We were deep into a dry lake bed, but you could still see a steady stream of traffic along the highway. I decided to play with the wide-angle and get some hand-held long exposures. I knew I'd get light trails from the traffic, but since the moon was low enough, I moved the lens around a bit and these are the shots I ended up with. As my first one came out fairly interesting, I decided to play some more and came up with some interesting designs and light play. This is painting with light from the moon.

On another note, I got to watch a movie that I wasn't all that sure about, but sounded interesting and it had Helen  Mirren in it. I know...'nuff said! "Age of Consent", 1969 which also starred, James Mason. I don't know him from too many movies, but there was something I recalled him from. I looked him up and it was from the 1977 hit, "Jesus of Nazareth" that I recognized him.

This is the Wikipedia plot summary:

"Bradley Morahan (James Mason) is an Australian artist who feels he has become jaded by success and life in New York City. He decides that he needs to regain the edge he had as a young artist and returns to Australia. He sets up in a shack on the shore of a small, sparsely-inhabited island on the Great Barrier Reef. There he meets young Cora Ryan (Helen Mirren), who has grown up wild, with her only relative, her difficult, gin-guzzling grandmother 'Ma' (Neva Carr-Glynn). To earn money, Cora sells Bradley fish that she has caught in the sea. She later sells him a chicken which she has stolen from his spinster neighbor Isabel Marley (Andonia Katsaros). When Bradley is suspected of being the thief, he pays Isabel and gets Cora to promise not to steal anymore. To help her save enough money to fulfill her dream of becoming a hairdresser in Brisbane, he pays her to be his model. She reinvigorates him, becoming his artistic muse."

"Hands of God"

There were lots of things I liked about this movie. Let me just wrap up the first three,
1. Helen Mirren, 
2. Helen Mirren nude, 
3. Helen Mirren nude often. 

Beyond that, I'd say I totally relate to the movie's theme of artist and muse. I won't go as far as to say OLD artist, teen-age muse; just artist and muse. The movie was shot on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and the artist goes there and makes a home out of a raggedy old shanty of a cabin. Its perfect. He doesn't have much in terms of comfort, just the minimal sustenances in supplies and has canvas, paint, and other art materials shipped to himself. He also has the company of his dog, Godfrey. I couldn't help but to continuously imagine myself in the same situation with my long gone Doberman, Keenan. This was a beautiful setting with so many places to shoot and just be at peace with no one around except your muse.

The only part I was having a difficult time trying to wrap my brain around is the title, Age of Consent. This is usually connotated with a legal determination of whether or not consensual sex involves a minor or not, but a young person, nonetheless, which may be different from one jurisdiction to the next. Sex wasn't the theme of this story. At one point the artist is accused of the girl's grandmother of paying her granddaughter to have sex. And a few times the point is made that the girl is under-aged. So then the issue isn't one of sexual nature, but rather the moral ethics of using a minor as a nude model. This, in and of itself is not technically illegal, (but I don't want to get into that), so there really isn't a Age of Consent issue in that regard. Its not until the very end of the movie that Helen gets pissed that he is only interested in her as a model. To which she runs into the ocean and he chases after her pledging that its not true. They embrace after the artist confesses how much she means to him for giving him back his passion. That is the only time the issue of Age of Consent pops up in my mind because you're instantly reminded of the grandmother's haggling voice yelling that she's under-aged. You are led to believe that they get together, even though in  his repentant rant, he never says, I love you or pledges a commitment.


Good movie. I am fairly certain, I've posted this 10 minute short film here before, but I came across it again and well, here it is for your enjoyment one mo' gin, "The Perils in Nude Modeling"

Okay, I'll throw in one nude...Brittany Sutton, folks.

21 July 2010

The Artist's Paradox

"The music that really turns me on is either running toward God or away from God. Both recognize the pivot, that God is at the center of the jaunt." - Bono

Well...So, what do you think? You haven't even noticed the new changes have you? Now I feel like the girl who gets her hair done and her man doesn't even notice! Fine, I'll just point it out then...

If you will cast your eyes to the top, just below the header, you'll now notice I've added a menu bar where you can view additional pages to the blog. Some were along the right column and some are new. But now you can click on the menu options and get a bit more detail ABOUT ME, ABOUT THIS BLOG, well...you can read. So I invite you to peruse the menu bar and check out the newness of Photo Anthems Blog. I liked it. You'll also notice I've added a slide show on the right. Its the best I could do. I wanted to add on that featured a particular gallery of images, but Blogger doesn't seem to allow that, at least as far as I can tell. These are pretty much all the images that have been posted on my blog, but they also include the comic strips and any other pics that I've posted that are not personally owned by me.

What is the Artist's Paradox? I know I'm not the only one dealing with this dilemma, but it does frustrate me to no end that we live in an age of tech geniuses where just about anything is possible, yet artists can't get protection for their work. I'm talking reasonable protection, that is. I know there are ways to circumvent anything. Its a war of upsmanship. (I don't think that's a word, but it expresses my point). Much like the viral wars, as any new security feature is invented, somebody creates a virus or hack to breech it. Then the tech powers that be, have to plug the hole. And it creates a never ending cycle. That's been the nature of war since Cain. I'm sure Seth then came up with the idea for a helmet.

Model, Melissa

The only absolute answer most people will reply with (usually non-artists) is, "Well, if you don't want your stuff stolen, DON'T put in in the world wide web!" True, but that's like telling us abstinence is the only thing that's 100% guaranteed to prevent unwanted pregnancies or STDs. It might be correct, but do we really want to stop having sex? No, we do assume a certain level of risk, but we at least have the option of reasonable protection in a condom. Its not 100%. They do fail at times but that failure rate is reasonable and its mainly due to user error. Not only that, we don't pay the equivalent of a car payment for a condom and they are not only for the upper echelon of the social classes. Bentleys...yes. Condoms...no. I don't have 12 Bentleys in a garage, but I've got 12 condoms in a box...wait, maybe less. (Crass, I know).

"Old Hacienda", Model Samantha

All I'm saying is that I wish somebody'd satisfy the artist's need...dare I say, compulsion to share and display their art with reasonable protections against theft. I know there's somebody that can get your stuff whatever you do, but damn I don't want to make it easy for the masses. If you break into my house, you've got to do some damage and you risk discovery very easily. People on the web are way too anonymous. Where is all this coming from? Well, I've always felt this way. Many of the popular online galleries we use don't have adequate protection. Model Mayhem doesn't. They moderate sites for decency which protects their interests, but have no security features to protect our's. Model Brigade, however does, only they are not as popular. One Model Place also does. Deviant Art does not and its very popular world wide. I've recently found a profile that spits obvious theft like an old diesel engine spits oil. Yes, there is the "style" of images that are not the same throughout the gallery. But there are other clues as well. For those grade of images, you'd think the creator would have a watermark on them. He'd have a website or another reference linking back to more of his work. There would be contact information to solicit more work. Meta data for the camera used, date the pick was taken, focal length, etc. might be displayed. This profile was completely blank. No ID. No About Me. Nothing except for commentary of other people saying, "Love your work". I did a quick TINEYE.com search on one of the images and despite the title profile identifying him as a US student, I found the author of the work to be in the Ukraine. A few more searches came up with more European and Russian authors. Deviant Art only deleted the one image when they should have deleted the profile. I found this same instance a year or so back only the profile user was selling the images he stole. This passive style of "protection" should be more proactive in my humble opinion.

"Sun Bath", Model Samantha

What can we do? Keep exposing ourselves to risk? That doesn't make good business since, though. Maybe that's where the adage "Starving Artists" originated from. I often hear about talented artists who never make it because of lack of business savvy. On the other hand, how many times have you seen a guy making millions and you KNOW your work is better. Chances are, he or she was a better marketer and promoter of themselves. People make money on less talented work every day. So what do we do, my friends? Is there a better way? I may have to look into this further, but I also have to take a look at the man in the mirror and I ask the same of you. Who among you has a boot-leg movie from the guy who approached you in the Wal-Mart parking lot? How about a fake Rolex, software, perfume, or a Gucci bag? Who has unlocked an iPhone or is big on movie/music sharing? It would seem like its part of our nature to circumvent the rules even if we justify them as Us Against Big Business, or Sticking It to the Man! I'll let you draw that line. In the meantime, I want to protect my stuff.

17 July 2010

A Model's Significant Other

"If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom." 
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." 
~ Ernest Hemingway 

Every now and again, all photographers run into some kind of ordeal with their models. I've been very fortunate to not have had this happen to often. Most times, probably since I have been a model, I get along with my models and we do some great work in a collaborative effort that brings credit to the both of us. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm starting this blog post off in the wrong way. I'm giving you the impression that an episode transpired between myself and a model that I have worked with. Well, YES and NO. Yes, an episode occurred, but NO, it was not by the free will of the model. This actually had to do with a model whom later married and now said husband has issues. Thereby forcing an undesired episode between the aforementioned model and myself. 

Another opportunity with Joanie

I feel it necessary to discuss the matter because for one, it is front and centered on my mind for the last two days or so. I hate drama. I detest it. This is drama that has arisen from a model I worked with more than 3 years ago. While we have spoken often in that time, our communications came to almost a halt when she got married about a year ago and now I fully understand why. Now this girl and I were very tight. We were friends for a good year before I even worked with her. It was just before I came to Vegas when she asked about posing for me before I left. This girl is close enough of a friend that I refuse her nothing. She had special requests and I accommodated. We did a lot of great work, even though I was frustrated in that I had no more pro-grade film. I had just finished school and had used every last roll I had. So I was stuck using consumer-grade along with out-dated slide film that my instructor gave away at the end of the semester. Okay, I digress.

At the heart of the matter is that the new husband is not keen on my friend/his wife having male friends. It matters little that I now live roughly 1800 miles away. Presently, contact has been shut off with the exception of a request to remove all her images from the web. Granted, I have a model release. I could do whatever I wish, but out of respect for her, I chose to acquiesce to her behest. This came about after I kept getting requests earlier this year to see more of this model by an someone using an unknown identity. After a while, I became somewhat anxious about the situation and warned the model as I had reason to believe she might know this person. I took the precautions of scrubbing all my profiles, sites, and blogs of all of her images because I simply didn't know who this creep was.

All was quiet until I decided to resurrect and re-edit some of this model's images. I used only anonymous shots and even asked for permission to display them again. In no time, Creepy-guy was back again. I had had enough. I wasted no time doing search after search with what little info I had and plugged in assumptions for the rest. I finally discovered the possibility that the culprit was either an in-law or her husband. I didn't know for sure in either case and I could have been totally wrong all together. I contacted the model and let her know my suspicions, which I needed for her to confirm or negate. My next contact was going to be friends in the area that could easily put a face to my enigma and dissuade any further harassment. When she discovered it was her own husband trying to "test" my responses, what could I do? His repeated tests to ascertain whether or not I am an honorable man were exhaustive and futile. I never showed him and especially not her any disrespect. He should have gotten a clue when I pulled all my images of her the first time because I thought he was a creep. I never identified her or even used her real name. He was suspicious of me profiting off of her. I've never made a dime! If all that didn't illustrate that I had her best interests at heart, what would have? I've only been a good friend to this girl and now, to alleviate any more difficulties in her marriage, I have to willfully bow out and agree to act as if I ever met her. That's bullshit. The main thing that gets me is the grief from thinking my friend may have been in danger. I don't understand why either of us had to be put through that. So now I volunteered, for her sake, to show him the ultimate show of respect and walk away. His wife-card trumps my friend-card in every hand. I only hope this doesn't get worse for her. She may as well don a burka.

Sam... being a BAD GIRL! I don't treat all my models like this. 
Sam can handle it, though.

I want to thank everyone else, especially Unbearable Lightness and AlexB for helping me not make any rash or hasty decisions. I got several acknowledgements that I was doing the right thing by my model and I appreciate that. Can you tell that this really bothered me? Yeah, she meant a lot to me. I hate to lose her on these terms. It was difficult to even write this. I don't want her to think I am writing this out of anger for her and its not my intent to be disparaging to her husband. At the same time, I didn't initiate any of this and all my efforts and dealings with his wife have been honorable. This is the primary reason I respond the way I do when a model asks, "Is it okay for my husband/boyfriend to come along?" But that opens up the door for personal choices in policies. For me, I never let the significant other accompany us in a shoot. Ain't happening. Okay, its done.

11 July 2010

When the Road Gets Tough

“Each day is a special gift from God, and while life may not always be fair, you must never allow the pains, hurdles, and handicaps of the moment to poison your attitude and plans for yourself and your future. You can never win when you wear the ugly cloak of self-pity, and the sour sound of whining will certainly frighten away any opportunity for success. Never again. There is a better way.”  - Og Mandino

Its hard not to be constantly reminded about the tough economic times in which we find ourselves in. Especially if you live here in Las Vegas, which is now the worst in the nation, you are constantly bombarded with sights and pressures of poor economic conditions. You can check out the different indicators that tell us how healthy the economy is, much in the same way you might see monitors hooked up to a patient in the hospital that measure heart rate, blood pressure, and vital signs. NPR's "All Things Considered" did a recent report that discussed the effects of unemployment in the nation and covered the debate as to whether or not the Unemployment Extention will have a positive effect on the economy or if it will simply be another drag on the nations already multi-trillion dollar debt. While Republicans filibuster the current bill, (H.R.4213 - American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010), citing the fact that America can't afford it, Democrats claim that the unemployment extension will actually have a positive effect on the economy. According to Moody's Analytics, for every dollar that goes out in unemployment benefits, the economy gets a $1.61 stimulus shot in the arm. Now, I've got a minor in economics, but I haven't looked up how that figure is calculated, but either way, it can still be debated, as the Republicans are currently doing.

Another shoot with the lovely Sam at my place

There are measurements and monitors that gauge every aspect about our economy. We know tourism was up slightly last month from the flights and hotel bookings. We can measure the recent slight drop in unemployment and sadly deduce that its wasn't necessarily a good thing. The drop was due to less people actually looking for work, moving away because they may have lost their benefits. Vegas is like the water hole on that one National Geographic episode where you see lions, elephants, hippos, and alligators jockeying for position around the best spots, when only muddy slim remains. I don't know...maybe its not that bad, but can that vision be far off.

I'll tell you one thing that isn't being measured and that's the health of families. I'm struggling to make it, myself, but all around me, I see families being ripped asunder. Just a little while ago, I couldn't help but to listen outside my apartment door to a woman who was talking on the phone to her man. She was basically fed up with their current situation as she described how she's barely able to take care of her two girls and how he's become distant and is avoiding them. The woman was pissed. At times, she spoke as if they were problem solving, but in an instant she'd hammer him with something that he was being insensitive about or that he wasn't doing enough. I'd hate to be here with a family right now. I most definitely wouldn't stay. I'm glad my kids are not here. They are both grown and are holding down their own fairly well. A mother with two girls, though?? And a father who is obviously feeling less of a man?? It makes me think about some of these fathers you hear about that just up and leave. Or the mom who goes to the grocery store but never comes back. Will this couple inevitably divorce? Who's to say. Even if the economy heals and they both find jobs, the damage is done. Even if their relationship heals over, there remains yet still a scar.

How do the children fair? I heard no evidence as to the children's welfare in the woman's conversation, but you can only imagine. My kids were pretty hardy and understanding. My ex-wife and I showed them enough love that they understood times were tough and they acted accordingly. I don't recall them bitching about not having the finer things like some of their friends. At times, our hardships were precious. We have one particular remembrance that we refer to as "Christmas Out of the Trunk". My wife and I were determined to have a Christmas for the kids and we finally got them toys and gifts at the last minute. There was no time to wrap anything. We just gathered around the trunk of the car and said, Merry Christmas! Times weren't always that bad of course, but I am highly thankful and most grateful to my kids, even Jeremy, for being so understanding during those tough times. I am here for my own reasons and I stay here for the same. I could go back to Texas where the economy fairs much better, but that's not where I need to be right now. My mission is not complete here and I refuse to be driven away by economic issues. The time is not right, yet. I stay because I feel I must. Stubborn...yes. I won't deny it. But I'm here, damn it. And I'll get it done. When or if I leave, it will be of my own choosing. But what are we going to do about these families who have more responsibilities than I do? How do we measure the pain of broken homes and scarred children? I don't know, but in the meanwhile, I hope this unemployment extension bill passes soon. Its no where near enough, but for many families, its certainly better than nothing.

04 July 2010

Jack Johnson - 1st Black Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

~ The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday today. I've got several memorable July 4th holiday celebrations, but this year will be a tad bit more calm for me. It always particularly special for me when my kids were younger and we'd do whatever fireworks we bought and grill some meat...steak or fish, out back. Actually, this July 4th is a bit more special this year for another reason, though. Today is the 100th anniversary of "The Fight of the Century" where Jack Johnson's defeated James Jeffries in a Mega-fight. He had already become the first Black Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world two years before. Jeffries was the last "Great White Hope" to stand a chance at regaining the Title and restoring it to the white race. The fight even took place here in Nevada, but not in Las Vegas as you might think. I don't think Vegas was the capitol of the world for boxing venues at the time, although I could be wrong. The fight took place in Reno, instead. It was an NPR segment which brought the significance of the date to my attention.


He was already a star at this point, but on July 4, 1910, Jack Johnson became the first black SUPER celebrity. Lots of controversy surrounded this man. He collided with White-America, Congress, the media, and even some of his Black constituents who never saw him as a pioneer, role model, or civil rights activist. They contended that he was more on the look-out for the advancement of himself, much less colored people and Johnson gave them plenty of reasons to hold to those opinions. He frequently consorted with prostitutes and had a strong penchant for white women, which many-a-white people could not stand. Remember this is the early 1900's and his victories in the ring, his open flings with white women, and his tendency to flash is cash drove white people crazy. If I recall correctly, I think I read that he got $65,000 for that fight. Jeffries had already retired from boxing with an undefeated career. With one win after another, Jack London, (yeah..."The Call of the Wild, Sea Wolf, White Fang"...THAT Jack London) had finally had enough. I know he is widely celebrated, especially among literary academics, but the dude was a racist from where I stand. His argument and fear of Asians taking over the world was just as distasteful and evident in his essay, "The Yellow Peril".  London, I believe, coined the term "Great White Hope", in his pleads for a white man to step up and beat Johnson. He helped persuade James Jefferies to come out of retirement and return to the ring. Now in his defense, I don't know why Jefferies took this fight. He hadn't fought in 6 years and it was reported that he had to lose 80 pounds to get back to fighting weight. He was beaten badly and soundly. I believe I read one ESPN analyst state that he might have gone down as one of the best fighters ever had he NOT fought Johnson.

"This fellow, Johnson, is a fair fighter, but he is a black. And for that reason, I will never fight him. If I were not champion, I would as soon meet a negro as any other man, but the title will never go to a black man, if I can help it." 
- James Jeffries, before he was finally persuaded to regain the Title

"Theoretical Brickhouse"

It was the federal government that finally came to the aid of white supremacists. And mind you, this isn't just white supremacists like the KKK. These are white people who would be outright offended if you were to call them racists. They simply did not see themselves that way. Johnson operated outside the norm and the regular societal hierarchy of the times and this simply could not be allowed. I may need to check this fact out, but the race riots that were as of a result of the fight was second in its wide-spread effect only to the Martin Luther King assassination. (Nat Turner led a slave revolt...not so much a riot.) Most of these riots were as of a result of police trying to quell African-Americans celebrating in the streets. Wikipedia has a death toll of 23 blacks and 2 whites across the nation with untold numbers injured. But back to the feds... Congress initially pass a bill banning interracial boxing films from crossing state lines which was a source of Johnson's income. This severely limited his earnings power. But the next blow was a loose interpretation of the Mann Act (Anti-White Slavery Act), which forbade crossing state-lines with women for immoral purposes. Jack Johnson made a living criss-crossing the U.S. and frequently did so with white prostitutes. He was tried and convicted even before the bill became law. Johnson, once convicted, fled the US and lived abroad through much of his prime fighting career. He finally returned serve his year+1 day jail sentence. President Obama is being pressed right now to posthumously grant Johnson a pardon. A bill to pardon him in 2008, under Pres. Bush passed the House but SOMEHOW failed in the Senate. Why? Who knows... So, for this Independence Day, I think is appropriate to give props to Jack Johnson. I plan on watching the 2005 PBS documentary, "Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson", tonight. Enjoy these shots of Melissa.

John Arthur ("Jack") Johnson 
(March 31, 1878 – June 10, 1946) 
World Heavyweight Boxing Champion (1908-1915), 
73 Wins (40 knockouts, 30 decisions, 3 disqualifications), 
13 Losses (7 knockouts, 5 decisions, 1 disqualification), 
10 Draws, 5 No Contests