15 April 2008

Dave at Work and Fun with Lydia

This past Sunday afternoon was another of my Las Vegas Art Models Group Art Nude Workshops and this time, I got to have my group graced by the presence of the magnificent Dave Rudin. It was quite a weekend actually. I have to do my part in setting up and facilitating the event, but this was the first time I have ever been afforded the opportunity to watch Dave in action. I was thrilled to have him join us and several group members were able to glean some tidbits of wisdom from him. I was certainly glad he took the time to impart photo knowledge into eager minds. There was only one other photog shooting film and when Dave pulled out his tripod, time seemed to slow down. Digital minded artists shoot at 100pph (pics per hour). It all slowed down when Dave brought out his medium format Pentax and began giving instruction to the model. The group took to him well and seemed to give way to his lead and tutelage. I know 3 or 4 members of my group took some special time to get him off to themselves to ask questions and get advice. Dave was also proactive in that he challenged several of them to utilize the natural light rather than the flash.

My model Lydia was also a big hit at this shoot. All the photogs seemed to take to her very well, showering her with compliments and making her feel at ease. Lydia is a natural socialite and can gel well with any group of people. Despite being a naked female amongst a group of burly guys, it was evident she was still the one in control. She was a real trooper and maintained an open mind and a wonderful attitude. She had no problems getting in the mucky water and was surprisingly fearless in the sun for a redhead. I can't wait to shoot with her again on my own. She's aware of a few other secluded yet beautiful outdoor places in near Vegas to shoot.

Now I just need to get the same sort of response to my drawing events in my group. I guess, I need to be patient with that as well. I've finally got the greatest venue in Vegas at the World Market Center and I plan to fill all my participant slots. I've got an event on the 18th and another one on May 2nd, which will be a catered event complete with cocktails and the works. I'm looking to get 20 good artists in there to draw or paint for that date. I've hired a male nude model this time. Can I make it happen? I guess we will see. Oh, and I will give you one guess as to who's hand that is...


Anonymous said...

Hello and greetings from Joe Wilson from Virginia! Lydia and the other models deserve all the compliments and with all due respect! They are absolutely gorgeous, whether naked or not! The ladies can be free to e-mail me at: joehwilsonet@aol.com Yahoo messenger IM: joehwilsonet2000@yahoo.com

Dave Rudin said...

It was my great pleasure to be able to attend your group's event on Sunday, Terrell, and I hope that my presence proved to be useful. I hope that I may do so again if I can.

Lin said...

Hey, this looks fun. Wish we'd been there.

Always good to see piccies of my dear Darcy in action too :-)