08 February 2008

Virtual Relationships

I was just sitting here thinking about how easy it is to become connected with people on the net. Virtual relationships have become sort of common in my life as of late as I communicate with individuals, develop a bond...a connection, yet, never having met together face to face. In some cases I know that's an okay thing, but I know for kids, the naive, and those less wary this can be a dangerous proposition. Common sense should always be the chief discretionary trait in any relationship you become involved in, whether virtual or in person.

Yeah, I can get sentimental at times. Its part of the way I was raised and my own set of standards in how I value people and appreciate real friendships. It hurt being in the military and connecting with guys that you know at any given time you would lay down your life to save thiers only to have the PCS on you after 3 years. That's a permanent change of station where you get new orders for a new duty station. Where is all this coming from? Well, I have come to miss like crazy Chris St. James from Univers d'Artistes. We've communicated on a constant basis and he's featured me on his highly popular and acclaimed blog on several occasions. Chris runs his blog from France and I have come to almost depend on his blog posts to stay informed, entertained, and awe-struck, by the photogs he discovers and presents to the world. Now he's hospitalized, and that connection is lost. I have no way of knowing how he's doing and the frustration sets in for me because its in my nature to visit my friends in times of need. You want to comfort, console, and help in any way you can.

Lin Bang from Fluffytek has signed off from her blog for a while for the same reasons...medical care. I've only even recently began communications with Lin when she contacted me with reference to a blog post I made. Oh my goodness, she's so exciting to read. I've backtracked through all of the posts by her and her husband Richard. She's funny as hell, but she also has a wonderful perspective on things that really make you think. Her commentary is such that you can easily gleen wisdom from her writings and you are usually left in better standing if you heed her advice and considerations. She can easily bring value to your work whether you are a photog or model. She has the expertise to counsel in both regards. She's an art lover and she is an advocate for the photographic representation of the nude form.

So I guess its funny how you can come to miss someone you have never met. Well, you can certainly feel that void when you recognize the value they bring to your life in whatever form, is not flowing through the vitural umbilical in which you've become accustomed to feed. So this is a well wishing post to Chris and Lin. I wish you both a speedy recovery. Take care of yourselves. My prayers, and I am sure those of many others are with you. You guys hurry back, now ...ya hear!


Lin said...

Aw Terrell, tHanks for the very kind compliments. Hey I could get used to this :-)

I'll be back soon, I promise. In the meantime, radiation sickness is a total bitch !

D.L. Wood said...

I too have pondered this lately.

I am new to this blogging world and have found the same "feelings". Of the two you mention I have only recently found Chris. But as for Lin I have lurked for quite a while and have been commenting just recently.

I visit about eight blogs daily and all are photography blogs. I find that as D. Brian Nelson says on his blog, I miss good conversations in my life and seem to have found some on the blogs that I regularly visit.

I have also found commenting to be sometimes challenging and enlightening. I recently responded to a post of Lin's about American politics. In doing so, I had to stop several times as the words flowed and ask myself was that really how I felt and what I thought. In repeated commenting and getting responses back from the blogger you can get a sense of friendship by the exchange of small tidbits of information. That may or may not be real. But it seems real to me when like you I feel an emotion about the other person. I also treasure when a couple have had private contact through regular email. That seems to be a friend gesture.

I will be in your glittering city at the end of the month. Not looking forward to it. It's for our industry trade show. They are long days standing in a booth, no fun for my old legs.

D.L. Wood

P.S. It was great to see a comment from Lin.

P.S.S. Lin if you come back and look at this. Sorry about the sickness, stay positive and I think of you everyday.

TLNeasley said...

Feel free to look me up when you arrive, MR. Wood. Maybe we can do coffee at my favorite joint, Rejavantate.

Unbearable Lightness said...

Terrell, I so agree with your comments about Lin. I love the way she writes because I love her, and of course I have never met her. Her writing engages me because it conveys her sense of humor, her passion for art, and the way she refuses to take herself too seriously.

It was interesting to also read D. L.'s comment here. He just commented on my "Dirty Bird???" post, and I am so grateful for his wisdom and kindness. Whenever I see a comment from you, D.L., or Lin on the blog, I am always thrilled because I know it will be insightful and well written.

I have been working on a novel that I've titled "Love, Virtually" which is about the nature of virtual relationships. What I've discovered so far in writing this is that virtual relationships are as real as the face-to-face variety. People have always found ways to deceive others and to conceal their true natures...or not. Instinct can help us know when a person rings true, but none of us can be infallible in our judgements.

I just have a good feeling about all who commented above.

Lin said...

My dear Ms Lightness, will you please hurry up and finish your aforementioned novel, because I wish to reserve my copy ASAP. Thank you most kindly :-)

Unbearable Lightness said...

Ah, Lin, after the insights I've gained from blogging, I must revise some of the characters, not based on real people, of course, who are models and photographers in the novel. Then you shall have an autographed copy sealed with a kiss!

Speaking of which, Happy Valentine's Day.