01 November 2007

Three Things

Now this is an omission on my part. Somehow, I've not added the accomplished photographer Dave Levingston to my list of photogs and blogists (is that a word?). You have heard me speak on the incomparable Dave Rudin before, several times I might add, so it would stand to reason that I would also add in someone whom he lauds, Dave Levingston. I mentioned in post sometime in September that I got to have breakfast with Dave R and how he frequently referenced his friend Dave L. I have Dave Levingston in my AOL favorites folder and I visit his blog, Exposed for the Shadows, quite often. I just didn't realize that it wasn't on my own blog til just yesterday while revisiting Univers d'Artistes blog, who properly recognized this photo icon, while I missed it. When I started this blog I was constantly referencing Dave R, Dave L, Michael Barnes and Iris Dassault. So with this paragraph, let me give the man, nay, THE LEGEND, his proper dues and advise you now that he has been included on my blog list.

ALSO, let me extend a special appreciation to Peter J. Crowley for giving me some contact information on how I might obtain the DVD I was seeking aid to obtain, "Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson". I have already made it know about my reasons for wanting this DVD so if need be check out the post with the same title done just a few weeks ago at most. If you have not heard of Peter J. Crowley, then this is also a good opportunity to reference his blog and website. I invite you to stop by pay him a visit and and send him a comment to two about how much you enjoyed his art. His contact info is readily available. Please note, he is and already has been on my blog list. His was one of the sites I added originally when I started this only a few months ago.

ALSO 2, you have read some of my posts about select photo books, specifically Kodak Galley mini books. I have been checking out some others as well, and I am about to start doing more of these and offering them for purchase in addition to my prints. "Elizabeth in Series" is a black and white studio session I did a few months back before I came to Vegas, you have already seen some of the work posted on this blog and on my website. In fact I just added several of them to a new gallery on my site TLNeasley.com. I initially had about 20 primary images that I used to affect some darkroom manipulations which I made prints for. However, I shot approximately 15 rolls of this young woman and have spent the better part of a month editing about 100 of those images. This will be the first set I start making full size books of. I will subsequently begin work on a Trisha series. So stay tuned...


chris said...

A good article !!! And a kind one. Cheers my friend !

Iris Dassault said...

I always enjoy reading Dave Levingston's blog. Not only because I think the images he posts are beautiful, but also because I like his down-to-earth thinking and approach to photography and life in general. I've been fortunate enough to spend some time with Dave, and I always walk away thinking that I'm a very lucky model, having had the opportunity to work with people like him.