22 November 2016

Sometimes Bad Things Happen.... Helping Out Kristi C.

**Helping out Art Model Kristi C. **
Limited Time Only: 
  • Get any print 16x20 on this page for Donations of $300-$400. 
  • Get any print 16x20 of Kristi on this entire blog for Donations between $400 and $500. 
  • Get any print 16x20 of any model on this entire blog for Donations $500 and over.

All proceeds go to help Kristi replace her stolen camera gear and equipment. 

Art Model, Kristi C. © Terrell Neasley

Most of us if not all of us have been there. Life is happening in a cool fashion and then out of nowhere...BAM! Life throws an uppercut that catches you by surprise. Who's not experienced this? That's life. Good ol' Frank said it best:

"That's life (that's life) that's what people say
You're riding high in April
Shot down in May
But I know I'm gonna change that tune
When I'm back on top, back on top in June"
Frank Sinatra "That's Life", 1966
Art Model, Kristi C. © Terrell Neasley
I love to look at the work of models who shoot. Almost as much as I love shooting them. Okay, maybe not THAT much, but I can appreciate a woman who balances out life in front of the camera as well as behind one. You all know my work with the fascinating Kristi C. and how much I enjoy shooting her. Well, recently calamity struck in the form of a no good thief who got into her car and took Kristi's camera gear. I'm sure you can empathize a bit and understand how much that blows. I know some will ask why it was left in the car in the first place or maybe why it wasn't secured better. Yeah, you can ask that question, but it does not take away the suck factor from this situation. The fact of the matter is that my girl, need some more gear. I'm sure she has learned a valuable life lesson, JUST AS YOU DID AT SOME POINT IN YOUR LIFE!

Art Model, Kristi C. © Terrell Neasley
So what's going on here? Well, we're asking for you, yes you, to help out a fellow artist by contributing to her GO FUND ME page. After 5 years of rocking the age-old Canon 60D, its probably time to upgrade anyway. As far as I know, she wants to stay Canon, and that's likely going to be a Canon 80D, or maybe she's thinking full frame. Evan a used Canon 5D Mark III would be cool. But she lost more than just a camera body. She's got to replace, lenses, SD cards, and filters. Personally, I'd much rather see her in the newly announced Sony a6500 that comes out around the first week of next month with a couple lenses to start her off, like an 18-105mm and a 70-300mm. You can go to my store (with the new website!) at B&C Camera to learn more about this gear. But you know Sony lenses don't come cheap. I'm saying this is what she needs and that's the story I'm sticking to.

I'm sure you can agree she's been a contributer to the arts. I'm definitely helping out as I have benefited from her talents and you should too. Who hasn't admired this woman's dedication to the craft and to the trade? Art modeling for artists is not the easiest thing and trust me, I have not made it easy on her to bring you these bad ass shots that you've come to appreciate. So please help me support Kristi C. so she can continue her passion from behind the lens. Donate on her Go Fund Me page. Comment at the bottom of this blog post to let me know you have done so and your image selection. You can see more of her own work as an artist in both photography, drawing, and painting at her new Facebook site.

Thank you.

Art Model, Kristi C. © Terrell Neasley

Art Model, Kristi C. © Terrell Neasley

Art Model, Kristi C. © Terrell Neasley

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