10 March 2017

Ladies and Gentleman.... Chloe Ann

Art Model, Chloe Ann ©2017 Terrell Neasley

I got introduced to Chloe Ann by the highly regarded and a notable photo colleague, Dave Levingston about a month and some weeks ago. I didn't know her, but when DaveL shouts out a model you pay attention. So right off the bat, I'm making a few assumptions. If she's working with Dave Levingston, she's good to go. AND if she's a friend of his, then she's automatically cool with me.

Art Model, Chloe Ann ©2017 Terrell Neasley

Chloe Ann is from Maine on an adventure trip, driving coast to coast from one corner of this great country to the opposite shore. From the shores of Maine to the shores of San Diego, CEE-AY, she and her fiance set out on a trek. She got to spend considerable time here in Las Vegas, and we did our best to make due with that time. Having never seen this part of the U.S., it was tough to narrow the sites down to only a few. I asked them what were the most important spots they wanted to visit, and that's where we shot.

Art Model, Chloe Ann ©2017 Terrell Neasley

We got in 3 good days of shooting and it was phenomenal. I took the betrothed burlesque couple out to some of my stomping grounds where I knew we could avoid crowds and inquisitive eyes. Oh...did I say burlesque...you're still caught up with that description. Well, allow me, if you will, to digress for a bit and introduce you to the creative burlesque duo, Mr. and Mrs. F*cksmart. Here's one of their performances, CREEP. Funny, right? Okay. As I was saying... avoiding inquisitive eyes. Yes. From their pick of places to visit, I chose the appropriate spots to get in some great sight-seeing, beautiful hikes, and of course, great spots to shoot naked people.

Art Model, Chloe Ann ©2017 Terrell Neasley

Apart from the smile, the charm, and the figure, I'd have to say I enjoyed her attitude the most. She's definitely more comfortable being nude than clothed and her bubbly personality makes her easy to work with. She's hardy as well. Coming from Maine, she's experienced with a little cold and she had to endure some cold here in Vegas because all 3 days we shot, the temps were in the 50's. And that's not just regular cold temp 50, but 50 with wind that make it seem more like 10! I did my best to keep her nude as little as possible, but art nude photogs aren't that great at that. Hiking out to these spots, it would seem I was asking her to drop-trow every 40 feet it seemed. There's just so much gorgeousness around here! Its hard not to see a spot and not want to improve it with a nude. That's just my pain I have to endure. Its not easy to resist the lure.

Art Model, Chloe Ann ©2017 Terrell Neasley

In 3 days we got in 4 locations of some of Nevada's finest landscapes, locations, and scenic hot spots. I added some promo work for their burlesque shows, and when it was all said and done, I had a body of work I was quite pleased with. Contact her via her Model Mayhem page and schedule some time with this fabulous muse and rest assured her time in your work will be money well spent. You can catch any of her burlesque performances by keeping tabs on the announcements on her Facebook page. Great girl to work with. You'll see.

Art Model, Chloe Ann, @theFsmarts ©2017 Terrell Neasley

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