10 August 2009

Introducing Keisha

I've got some catching up to do. My computer crashed about 2 weeks ago and it was out for the count. The morning after my last figure drawing session, it wen
t belly up...or hard drive up, as it were. I just now got another computer, a desktop...PC; not a mac. (Thanks Win!) I know I said I'd have a mac as my next one, but Apple
has really been pissing me off as of late. So, screw that notion.

One of the things I didn't get a chance to publicly do was to thank Peter Lime for giving me props on his deviant art site. As it turns out,
deviantart gallery. I don't have a thousand people watching my gallery, I can assure you. I didn't even know that was the deal, but I knew something was up because
I kept getting visitors saying congrats or that Peter has suggested they take a look at my work. Thats when you know how huge you are. Peter was like Oprah to me on that day, which was sometime last week. So if you would please help me return the favor by visiting Peter's sites, I'd appreciate it.

I was very compelled to talk about my recent trip to New Your City. But, I'm going to waive that one til my next post.

I'll only make a brief inquiry as to why there were several sightings of hairless pointed-nosed cats down in the subways. What's up with that? Dave Rudin actually did an excellent job of chronicling the story for me so well, that I might not even need to talk about it at all. He calls it, "Big T in the Big Apple."He really summari
zes the whole thing in a nutshell. It was certainly good to see him on his own turf for a change, as opposed to him coming here to Las Vegas.

I will also add that I didn't sleep much while I was there, except for the first night and that was only because I stayed up all night the night before. What was I doing you might ask. Well, I was shooting. I'm
only pulling all-nighters for photo related work. In this case, I got to shoot the beautiful Keisha whom you see pictured in the accompanying shots. The girl definitely brings it. It took us less than half an hour to "break the ice", but after that, this amateur...soon to be pro...was in my head, giving me what I wanted before I needed to even ask. So yeah, she's got some good intuition. I also got to work with her nearest and dearest friend, whom I'll get to posting after I talk about the NY trip. So stay tuned in cuz this girl has got a dangerous degree of hotness approaching critical mass. I was so glad to meet these girls and relish the time we spent shooting. More projects are already in the works. Like I said, stay tuned.


unbearable lightness said...

Good to see you back, Terrell! Please tell us why you are pissed with Apple. I just spent two grand on a brand new Mac.

Those pictures of you and Dave Rudin on his blog are awesome! I loved seeing you in The City, and seeing you and Dave together. Wish I had been a mouse.

Keisha just communicates with her eyes so beautifully! Great work!

TLNeasley said...

Hey UL!

I'm big stickler for a good deal and absolutely fabulous customer service. I guess I'm hatin on Mac because I just don't see it that. So just based on my experiences with Apple, I gotta say they seem too much like Bank of America to me when I was in the Army. B of A was located everywhere you had a duty station. It didn't matter that I was shipped off to Korea. I didn't have to change banks. But because they knew they had the soldier business, they let go of customer service. I worked for them as a Banking Center Manager. It sucked and I routinely got in trouble for too much assistance.

I'm starting to see Apple doing the same thing. The Mac is too damn pricey despite the fact that tech gear is getting cheaper. They still make a good computer. Most people feel that I should be using one as an artist. I aint hatin' on anyone that has them. I just don't like the way Apple has been conducting business is all. My experience just with the iPhone has put a bad taste in my mouth. When I got ready to build a computer, I bought the parts and had a bud assemble them. $800. The same thing had I purchased a Mac...$4Gs, easily. Thats just a hard sell for me.

And their relationship with ATT is kind of like the way Wal-Mart gets to dictate pricing to vendors, only they can get too cut-throat an keep a vendor from earning a fair profit. Apple has a good deal going with ATT and I wish I knew what the margins are. The iPhone sells. And I think they exploit that fact.