16 October 2007

Kodak Gallery Mini-Books

I recently tried out some mini-books, from kodakgallery.com. Photographer, Dave Rudin suggested them when he visited here last month. I ordered 4 different books and had duplicates made of two of them for a total of 6. Overall, I was satisfied with the print and binding. There were a few images where the color rendering was not at rich as what I submitted or the color was off in spots on the image. I didn't like that at all, but for the amount of work, what can you argue with for $20. The books cost about $7 for up to 20 pages and I had anywhere between 65 to 80 images. There is an additional charge after the first 20. Dave suggested I try MyPublisher.com next. Mpix.com is another possibility. I was very pleased with their business cards.

This is indeed going to be a short post. I had begun to discuss the book "Modeling Life" that I mentioned in the last post, but need more time to arrange my thoughts a bit better. I didn't like what I had so I erased it. Ever have moments like that? This image is one that I did by accident, but I liked it. I was going too fast and clicked inverse while attempting something else. When I saw the image change, I stopped, mulled it over and kept it. Maybe it just reminds me of looking at my negatives right before I place it in the enlarger. Call me weird, but I do miss my darkroom...

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Dave Rudin said...

I'm glad the Kodak books worked out for the most part, Terrell. You'll have to show them to me the next time I'm in Las Vegas.

The negative image looks interesting, too, and I sometimes wonder how the image would look printed large that way, or even solarized.