13 May 2012

You're on Notice... MERCY'S BACK!!!

Model, Mercy © 2011 Terrell Neasley
Talk about letting the month slip in on me unannounced! Its already May and mid-way through already. Its been cool getting back in the mix of things. The knee is holding up, but still fragile. In other words, I can't think I'm all better and do something stupid. I started physical therapy last week. On day two, I figured I was good enough to add to my load, so I doubled everything they told me to do and in some cases, even more. That was strike one of being stupid. By that evening I hurt so bad, I felt like the first day of two-a-days in high school. That was a reference to the 2 times a day football practice during the summer, just before school started. Once in the morning and then again in the late afternoon to try to avoid some of that Texas summer heat. But anyway, I'm still trying to mend and get used to building muscle again. Its actually an interesting thing to behold for me. As hard as I can flex, I'm just not hitting rock hardness and its funny to watch my quads quiver in response to the exercises.

Model, Mercy © 2011 Terrell Neasley

But what was also another slippage is the fact that I totally missed out on telling you that Mercy is coming back to town! She'll be here a few days from the 14th (yeah, tomorrow...I know) until the 16th, this Wednesday. You saw the work I did with her in my book, A Year in Review of the Nude: 2011. I made her my cover model. And you know what she's capable of and what she's willing to do. Despite the late notice, I say you get in on the act and get your shoot on. She's only here for a few days, but its still a good time and enough time for you to get in some great work with a great model. My bathroom series could have hardly been pulled off with another model. When I suggested it, she was down with hardly a thought and was in on it before I could finalize all my thoughts.

Model, Mercy © 2011 Terrell Neasley

So you basically have 3 days in which to make something happen. I say 3 days, but you also have to understand, her time is limited and filling up quick. She does her own promo work and of course she's coming here for a reason. So its not like she's got 72 hours of nothingness lined up. People have already taken advantage and booked her hour by hour. What I'm trying to tell YOU is that you don't need to spend a whole lot of time with finding the time in your calendar or where she might budget in on your bank account. This is one of those moments where you contact her, find out her availability and simply book it. Take whatever you can get, make that moment happen, and be proud of what you guys put together. I know she's giving her best and she's here. Make it happen. She even takes credit cards now...


Karl said...

She is a great muse for you. I hope she passes through town again when I am there.

Photo Anthems.com said...

She'll be around. Not for a while, but she'll be back.