30 January 2008

On Model Mayhem ... Website problem fixed

The world might just be returning to normal. My web site can again be accessed via an AOL browser. Its been, maybe two weeks and I can tell a significant decrease in my viewership numbers. Still, no explanation of what happened, or if it is prone to happening again.

Anyways, I got to check out a studio for my Las Vegas Art Model's Group to use for photography. It was one built by a videographer who is a member of my group and he's got this thing hooked up. Millions of props, a variety of lighting set ups and sets, and spacious. I can now start the process of arranging MeetUps. I am still waiting word on the studio space for my drawing group. I've signed on with the Contemporary Arts Collective, here in Vegas, and will begin volunteering my services in whatever capacity useful. I've been in talks with the new Art Director there about using the facilities to host my drawing group there in the evenings and weekend afternoons. So we will see how that goes.

I guess my presence on Model Mayhem is starting to pay off. I've been in contact with several models who wish to work with me, but I get several from out of town, mainly California, who plan to visit in a few months. I have not had that same opportunities with models in Vegas just yet, at least not any that seem serious enough to result in anything definite. This is my profile page...I am MM#579934. I am still learning the ins and outs of exposure on this thing. I can't say I am fond of posting announcements that disappear in 4 seconds of posting as other announcements are made which force yours to the bottom of the page and then off the screen. I kid you not... 4 seconds. So many people are posting announcements that you can click off the main screen and then go back and your avatar is already moved on.

So the next way of exposure is posting vane comments on people's pics. Nice pic...Nice port....Stunning...Beautiful...I like this alot!... If you are a model, you're inundated with photogs who comment on wanting to work with you. Basically, you become comment whores along with everyone else. BUT, I think once you have established a presence, things start to roll for you. You get seen more often with less effort. People are requesting to be added to your friends list and your comments fill up with the same mundane "nice port" crap. Its never really any type of critique you can use, but you still live for it. Just the attention is what you crave. But then you sometimes meet some interesting people and exchange in pleasant dialog. You make future plans to meet up at some point and schedule a shoot. I guess that makes it worth while.

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Iris Dassault said...

Terrell, I love your commentary on the MM comment game. I think it could be a person's full time job to comment, tag and befriend. Personally, I'm finding less and less compelled to return comments and tags - just for the sake of returning the favor. I used to think it was the "polite" thing to do, but I find that my time has become too valuable to spend hours making meaningless comments. I'll only comment if an image really speaks to me, and I only send a friend request when I really like the work I see. I will accept all friends request that come my way, just because it takes too much time and effort to analyze every request that comes my way. It's a topic I've been wanting to write about on my blog..