23 January 2013

How To Get Women To Take Off Their Clothes

"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed." 
~William Blake 

© 2011 Terrell Neasley, Art Model Enyo
Now right away, let me clear something up. While my title is accurate, it's not what you may initially think. I'm sure I'll get plenty of Google hits on this post. My goal here is NOT to get you laid. Rather instead, this is another blog post aimed at photographers wanting to experiment with the artistic nude genre of photography. So let me say again that these close-kept secrets are for your benefit, but you should not use your new-found powers for evil. Copy that? Let's begin.

© 2011 Terrell Neasley,
Art Model and Performer, Mercy
First, you should note that sometimes its not simply in the asking, but also in WHO you ask. So we're talking of increasing your success rates from 0 positive responses out of 10 to at least 3 or 4 for starters. Now, what I mean by WHO you ask is simple. In an exaggerated analogy, my odds of success is going to be relatively low if I ask a church pastor's wife to pose nude for me, while we're in church on Sunday morning, in the middle of the alter call. Granted, I could probably do that, but I choose not to out of respect for the religious office. You, on the other hand, would be escorted from of the service and be shot by ushers outside. Get my point?

This is something you will begin to perfect over time. Learning to decide who to ask will serve you just about better than any other method I can think of. To follow up with that, HOW you ask is the next. The trifecta of HOW is Appearance, Honesty, and Confidence. These are the factors that will increase your chances for success. You can't look like a scrub. Nor can you look like a 1970's van with shag-carpeted floors owner. At least be normal and presentable. Look like a professional. When you say you are a photographer, that woman should be able to believe you.

© 2011 Terrell Neasley, 
Art Model and Performer, Mercy
Introduce yourself and be absolutely honest about what your intentions are. Don't lie or attempt to deceive. And above all, chicks smell bullshit better than you think. You even be able to talk a woman out of her clothes and into bed, but talking her out of her clothes and taking pictures is something else entirely. Be upfront with who you are, what you would like to do, and be prepared to answer a few questions. The first question you will likely get is "Why her?" Have a genuine answer. I don't want you to think up a convincing lie or a "sure-fire, works every time line". If you like her body type and it will best suit your next project, then say that. Don't tell her how beautiful she is and that she smells like roses. Keep it photo-related and keep it honest.

"Two or three things I know for sure, and one is that I'd rather go naked than wear the coat the world has made for me." 
~ Dorothy Allison 

© 2011 Terrell Neasley,
Art Model Enyo
If you have hesitation in your voice, go home. Confidence will take you a long way in a myriad of things. Look her in the eye. Speak deliberately. And when you finish introductions, ASK her to pose for you and then stop. Let her mull you over. Look her in the eyes as she ponders whether or not you are a nut job. Don't smile. Be serious. If she wants more info, you're a quarter of the way in the door. Answer her questions to her satisfaction. Have a card. Have a website. And above all, you better have good work. Its okay if you don't already have nudes. Explain that you are experimenting in a new field of photography. But whatever your specialty is, it better be GREAT! If not. Skip this entire notion. You have better things to worry about. She needs to see you know your way around a camera and not just another GWC trying to get in her pants.

This is all for now. I may revisit this topic again with more details and the next avenue for you to take. For now, I want you to do a few 20 things if you think you may be remotely serious. Go get 20 no's. They'll be good for you. Get as many negative responses as you can in a week. They'll be good for practice and you will get used to being told "No, Thank you... you pervert!" You will quickly understand being told no is not personal. Well, maybe it is for some of you, but its all about HER comfort level. Don't expect to be like me and get a yes the first time out. That's just unrealistic and just puts undo stress on your odds. Get 20 no answers and then report back. Dismissed.


Joanie said...

I've never heard you refer to women as "chicks" before. So very unlike you!

As for your approach, since I've been present when you ask a woman if she'd be interested in working with you, I gotta say, it's very effective! Confidence and forthrightness is definitely the way to go and it's present in your every word.

Wish I were still nearby. I miss you and our occasional adventures. Please consider a quick trip to SD! We got lots of cool places to explore.

Photo Anthems.com said...

I almost got out to SD this past November, but the event I was going to see was canceled. But indeed. I'll have to look at scheduling something out that way. I've got another model in Cali, that I'd like to visit, too.

MBSB said...

Hey T. I appreciate you sharing how you make this work. I think your approach is good for asking many different subjects about photographing them, regardless of their state of dress (or lack of).

Photo Anthems.com said...

'Preciate that a lot! And thanks for the support.