28 October 2008

October 2008 Workshop

"What does a blonde and a tornado have in common? They both start out with a lot of sucking and blowing, but in the end they take your house." - Faerie telling me a joke...

Yesterday's workshop went really well. Surprisingly, it seemed to go sort of fast. Despite the fact that the days are shorter, we finished well before it got dark. That's new for my group. usually we are still out releasing shutters right before it gets difficult to find your way back to the car. Well, the everyone got what they wanted for shots, so as long as that objective is met, why push the model any further. And yes, Brittany was superb. One of our female photogs, Roselyn, brought out some props for the model. Roz, likes to play dress-up with the models. Despite the fact that this is an art nude workshop, we like what she does. She certainly brings in a new aspect to what we do. She turned Brittany into a 1970's style hippie-chick. I tell you Brittany looked like she was born in the wrong era. The hats were my favorite although she also had a long flowing yellow dress at one point that was pretty awesome.

This was probably the last outdoor shoot that we'll do. For the next few months I've got to concentrate on venues that will keep the model warm, so we look forward to studio work and non-studio indoor places that we can set up impromptu lights or get away with ambient. We'll also be focusing on some glamour and fashion shoots as well. The nude figure will maintain a prominent role, but the fashion element be incorporated with it to produce a something totally different. Think Helmut Newton...

I mentioned before that I had planned to stop or at least suspend my nude work. I may should have delayed that statement for just a while longer. I did mention that I had planned to carry on with those that I had prior commitments to AND I said I might take on opportunity shots, but wouldn't actively pursue models. Okay, so I added on a project that I plan to do but this one found me. I did not actively pursue it. Around the same day as I posted the last blog post, I got a call from someone referred to me. I just met her today and I'm not turning her down. Nope, can't do it.

I mentioned making my camera earn enough to begin supporting itself as one of the reasons I'd planned on suspending nude action. Well, another reasons is that I simply need to catch up on a bunch of unedited non-nude work. I've still got material from my trip to Panguitch, Utah, as well as more from Kolob Reservoir and the Phoenix trip to work on. So we are talking since around 4th of July weekend, but I could also back up to my Cathedral Gorge expedition from my 20 June post! I did enough edits on that one to post a few pics on the blog. The nudes have been the priority and I've neglected some really good bodies of work for it. I think my nude work will be better served if I can refine my trade by shooting other subjects for just a little while. I also need to spend some time redesigning my workflow, updating my website, designing a logo, and doing more of my tutorials again to getting better in my post work.

My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson right now. I'm not the sort to follow celebrity drama, nor do I pay attention to gossip columns. But, I just can't help but feel for this girl who's mother and brother were just shot dead a few days ago. Well it was also announced yesterday that her missing nephew has also been found dead. The kid was 7 years old and brutally murdered as well. I just hate to see mess like this happen to anyone. Celebs are still people too.


Anonymous said...

Hello to Faerie and Brittany! You BOTH are INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS naked, and I respect, honor and appreciate ALL your pure and natural beauty! Y'all have a great day!

unbearable lightness said...

I'm with you, T. How you deal with that? Your mother, brother, AND nephew. I have been struggling with just one of those deaths, and believe me, it's huge.

TLNeasley said...

I do believe you. Don't know how she'll cope with all this. I just hope this isn't going to be a situation where someone in the family was doing dirt and this ended up being a retaliation.

unbearable lightness said...

Just stopping by to say Happy Halloween and to remind you that you are still The Man!