23 August 2007

A Soldier's Story

Guess what, Eolake Stobblehouse of Domai.com just featured my letter of the week on his site. I wrote it a few weeks ago about my first experience with open nudity. Its called "A Soldier's Story" and it details my moment of understanding, an epiphany if you will, of the difference between sex and nudity. I think its a good story and you should check it out.

A whole lot of people must genuinely like the model posted with this entry (and the last two). She now has 8 of the top 12 images on my website! She's a very special person whom I am glad to have became friends with. I had known her more than a year before we finally did this shoot together just before I came to Las Vegas. As a matter of fact, it was requested today that I submit a photo shoot of her to Domai.com which is a complement not to be taken lightly. Does anyone else feel the same about that?

I have to keep this entry short. I promise to get to the model questions tomorrow or the next day at the latest. Its getting late for me and I still have much more work before bed. So check out more of this beautiful girl on my website @ http://www.tlneasley.com/.


Dominik said...

Hi Terrell,

actually I got to your website by reading your story in the domai newsletter. I already visited your site and the model your are talking about appealed to me the most, too. I really love that model, to be true :) I also wanted to propose to introduce her pictures to domai and I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking this way. To be honest, I'm very picky even of all the domai photo sets and I only like a few of them. The photo set of your model would definitely one of the best domai has ever seen. It may not be that striking on the first glance but after viewing all of the photos of the set I was left wondering and actually told myself aloud in front of the pc "Wahnsinn!", which is german for 'madness' in a positive way. And I don't even lough out loud when I'm alone and see something funny :)

Also about your domai-story: As I'm quite young (20) I don't know the Germany you have experienced as a soldier years ago. (May I ask where exactly in Germany you have been?) Unfortunately, Germany seems to have changed a lot since then. The kind of nudity you have experienced in the swimming pool is gone. Its not like Germany is very prude all of a sudden but its really not common. If at all you may spot nudes in rather isolated parts of the lakes in the area and then of course you cannot just stop and stand there, you'd be regarded as a voyeur. At this point I'm very glad that I really can enjoy female bodies in clothes, too.
So long and with best regards, Dominik

Curtis said...

Hi, Terrell.

I, too, read your story at Domai and then came to visit your site. Your photography is great!

I agree with you: (1) nudity is not a bad or sinful thing and, in fact, is preferred when circumstances (ie. weather, attitudes, etc.) allow it; and (2) the female form, if not at the top, is _at least_ near the top of the beauty scale when it comes to God's created things.

I hope that you've not abandoned your faith altogether just because they (ie. today's Christian denominations) seem to be getting this thing (and a few others) wrong. I've had to wrestle with this myself, but I know that even if the bulk of present-day Christian teaching is in error about such things, the reality is that God has indeed granted us the freedom to live by his standards (ie. love Him, love others) by the grace of his work through Jesus.

Anyway, good luck on your endeavors. May the good Lord richly bless you as you continue to seek the truth in all things.