18 August 2007

Scouting trips

I am still getting aquainted with the sites of Las Vegas. For the most part, I know the place well, in terms of getting where I need to go, but not for locations to shoot. Thats still a trying task for me. I'd prefer someplace nearby for right now since I like to scout out my locations before I actually do a shoot there. From what I am hearing from several people is that I need to get out of the city to get what I am looking for. I have been out to Valley of Fire several times now and truthfully, I can't get enough of it. That place is just gorgeous. Its crossed my mind to do several sessions out there with different models. I can just shoot in different locations within the park. After a while I know it starts to look the same, but I believe working with different models can still give it a twist of uniqueness.

It was also suggested yesterday to check out Zion National Park. Now I have been to Zion, but my trip wasnt all that long and I didn't get to do the hiking trails I wanted. I have been told to hike the Narrows, which is supposed to be really nice. I understand that a portion of it is through water thats anywhere from 2 to 4 foot deep. Don't know if that's true or if it depends on the seasons but its certainly worth checking out. My issue is that I have to drive out almost 3 hours to see it before I shoot it. I may just go out to hike it and come back with a model. I'd like to go with a fresh face, but a first time model may not want to go that far out with someone they just met which means camping out is also out of the question. Decisions...decisions...

Well, I will get it done at some point. My thoughts are to hike it, come back, shoot a new model at Valley of Fire, and then depending on how it goes, discuss a trip out to Zion. I have heard Spring Valley Ranch should be nice as well. I'd appreciate some suggestions if you got'em. I have included 3 pics of a Colorado adventure in this post. This girl freaked me out when she climbed out over a cliff that had a drop of at least 300 feet. There was a 3 foot long triangular shaped flat rock that extended from the cliff about 10 feet down. I made her come back up and then climbed down there myself to test it out before I agreed to shoot her there. The LAST thing this black guy needed was a naked white girl at the bottom of a cliff in a area where I got to see only one other black person the who week I stayed there. We were all over the Black Canyon near Gunnison, CO. I only planned on stopping overnight. I ended up staying there a week and shooting 4 different models. Loved it. Isn't that an intersting tree?

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