15 August 2007

I Got Spanked by Eolake Stobblehouse!!

Okay, maybe not spanked, but I got some good criticism. This was like the basketball equivalent of a high school ball player getting schooled by a NBA All-Star. You get no tears here. I take my lumps, suck it up, and drive on! It was too cool...

Overall, he along with several of his blog readers were not fans of the type of website I have that incorporates Flash. Eolake is the author of DOMAI.com. A lot of people are familiar with his sites and work. Several commentors don't appreciate the way Flash applications can take over your browser and usurp control from the user. There were some other comments that were made as well. In the end, I did get some positives from ALEX, who is thusly quoted,

"As for Terrell's site, it is accessible, and the merits of the content outweigh any shortcomings in the pages navigation."

I liked that. Oh, almost forgot, CLICK HERE for a direct link to his blog entry. Well, I have to take away something good from this. First of all, Eolake has been around at this alot longer than I have. Judging from the content of several of his sites, he knows his stuff well and has done much in terms of promoting art nudes in general. He is very intelligent and has bucket loads of value laden content on his sites. We emailed back and forth several times. I got timely advice and I can only illuminate my prospects by listening. Two other benefits was an increase in subscribership to my blog. Just posting my link on his own blog made people at least check me out and some liked what they saw. Also, I got a year's membership to Domai.com. Who can beat that?

For the time being, I have to stick with the use of my site. First and foremost for financial reasons. I've invested cash and time into it. Secondly, I prefer the protective measures of Flash over what I may be missing in promotion and I explain this in my added comments to his thread. I will have to make up on promotion via a different means. I have made sure the site is navigable and friendly or at least done my best at it. It would go against wisdom to not listen to their comments at all, but right now, I have to utilize what resources are available to me. This is knowledge I could have put to better use mayby a few months ago.

Hey, I know the value of good criticism and this was purposed to help me and I DO need it. Keep it coming, Eolake. Thanks.


eolake said...

Nice one.

For any curious readers: the Domai membership was awarded for a letter which will appear as Letter of The Week in our newsletter.


Alex said...

Hey, I did give you some criticism too. I was generally venting on clunky flash navigation in general.

I have some older equipment, and am a downsizer in general, web content which mandates I upload the latest tools and doodads (QuickTime, FlashPlayer, Java) get a little tiresome, especially when my PC starts telling me I need more memory and more hard drive.

I also like top to bottom, left to right, reading western style. I should be use to menus and tabs on the right, aren't that where they are in dictionaries, catalogues and phonebooks, but then that is where my thumb is, my mouse is in the top left, that's where the file menu is...

I also like good photography. Get me out of a city and my photography sucks, the deep shadows and harsh light of the California landscape messes me up. Anyone who can get rock formations looking good both inspires me and wins my respect.

BlankPhotog said...

There are compelling reasons for using Flash... it inconveniences those mainly there for the wrong reasons.

I'd probably use Flash myself but for my perception at least that it also inconveniences the website owner who wants to upload frequently. It sucks to have to rewrite multiple pages just to put up a dozen new pictures.